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PCS-04A Powered Combat Suit by Louisvillian PCS-04A Powered Combat Suit by Louisvillian
The standard configuration armour for the PCS-04 Powered Combat Suit, with a Type A Helm System, which integrates a short-range radar, an air filter and rebreather system, a full COMM suite, and a standard neural interface that projects a heads-up-display in the forward interior that keeps track of heart rate, bodily damage, and shield strength.

The suit itself is a form-fitting multi-layered powered armour with an outer layer of ferrous buckmesh, a flexible yet durable metal fabric, with a 12.7 kilowatt battery integrated to the waist. The inner layers consist of a reactive liquid metal layer that flawlessly enhances agility, strength, and mobility without hydraulics or dense myomer bundles; a layer of hydrostatic gel that regulates temperature and dampens impact and recoil forces; and an inner cloth suit with numerous small injectors that contain minuscule amounts of analgesic and reactive medical foam (in fact, a micro-organism engineered to speed up healing) that can be pumped into the bloodstream to numb pain and heal wounds.

The armour plates attached to it are modular and vary depending on the mission at hand; the ones shown are the standard 6mm boron-carbide ceramic plates with integrated personal energy shield emitters. The emitters project a full-body electrostatic kinetic barrier a few nanometres off the armour's surface, and has a burst capacity of absorbing 35 kilojoules of kinetic, electrical, radiological, or thermal energy. The shield is able to shrug off normal ballistic fire and even absorb some directed-energy weapons fire, but is bound close enough that the soldier won't send a chair flying away when he goes to sit down.
canuleyo Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Tiberian Dawn: Nod trooper look alike.
Louisvillian Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Never played it.

I based the armor off of Mass Effect, actually. With a face mask of my own design.
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September 25, 2009
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