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Combat Aircraft top view by Louisvillian Combat Aircraft top view by Louisvillian
A catalogue of CGU combat aircraft, top view.
Scale is six pixels : one meter.

These are the air-superiority, ground attack, and multirole fighters used by the various aeronautical branches of the Armed Forces of the Central Galactic Union, around the year 3300. Most jet aircraft are powered using nuclear aircraft engines.

The Sevengill and the Whitetip are among the oldest still in service, having been built in the early 3260s as strike fighters. Then by the late 3260s, design swung back towards specialization, and the F-122 "Mako" was placed into service as slender, fast interceptor. The Sevengill became refitted as a strictly ground-attack fighter with minimal defences against aerial attack. In the 3270s, the Mako's airframe was used as the basis of the VSTOL fighter, the VF-101 "Tilt Shark", strictly for Marine and Naval usage. In the mid 3280s, the pendulum swung back towards multirole aircraft after the combat data of the Great War and the rebellions were analysed. The F/A-178 Tigershark came into service just in time for the Magellanic War, and has served as the mainstay for the Central Galactic Air Force. A low-cost light fighter was also designed to supplement it, the F-163 "Blueshark".
In response to the extremely fast combat craft utilized by the Zaaroft Empire, the Air Force rolled out the F-1G "Leopard Shark" in 3293, a hypersonic fighter-bomber capable of extreme speeds despite its reduced armament.

In addition, this category contains both jet and turboprop ground-attack aircraft, and unmanned combat and strike drones.
AgentJayHawk Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
These are unlike any aircraft drawings I've seen before. Keep 'em coming!
Bispro Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011
This is nothing short of brilliant! Hope you will be doing more such sheets!
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